1: Keep ribcages and armed ribcages about Human sized

2: You are expected to draw all of your Susano's stages, however there are pre-made bases that can be given to you if you suck at it

3: No Titan Susano (Complete with Legs) is to be taller than 200 pixels, or wider than 200 pixels, if it's larger than 200X200 it will not be accepted

4: All Susano have equal power, unless you are given special lessons from a higher-up (This means devs, not Jounin or Kages), However the max Multiplier of a Susano is 3000 (You'll gain a certain amount of extra power per day you train with me or a dev, depending on how well you do)

5: Susano Function much in the same way as Bijuu, and are actually very similar in power, which is why they are incredibly difficult to obtain, Do not ask for one early.

6: The absolute max height for a Susano is 300 pixels, but this can only be allowed by me.

7: No more than four arms are allowed for your Susano in any stage from Skeleton to Titan, while more arms will not give you any edge in combat, it's still regarded as going against this rule, however I MIGHT allow a few 6 armed Susano's, MIGHT.

8: When you obtain Susano, you are to keep it a secret from the people you aren't trying to kill, much like Jinchuriki's, Susano's are considered outcasts, rouges, and will be attacked on sight by any Higher-ups.

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