Note the following: Move limits are equal to your hp, Jutsus use far more move points than combat, You cannot charge move points during battle

Academy (Always start with these): 5Hp / 1At / 1Sp

Gennin: 15Hp / 5At / 5Sp

Chuunin: 60Hp / 20At / 20Sp

Jounin: 250Hp / 50At / 50Sp

Jounin Sensei: 250+ Hp / 50+ At / 50+ Sp (Jounin and Jounin Senseis are an acception and have a max of 4X Anbu)

Anbu: 500Hp / 100At / 100Sp (Anbu are one of the only 2 acceptions to the limit, their limit is the same as Sannin)

Sannin (Chosen by Devs, approved by me): 4,000Hp / 1,000At / 1,000Sp

Kage (Chosen by me): 10,000+ Hp / 2,000+ At / 2,000+ Sp (Kages don't have a next rank, so they have no limit)

Sage: Custom Sages must be equal to Sannin, Sage powers can be taught to Jounin by Sannin

Jinchuriki: Have no limits regardless of rank

How rampaging Bijuu work:

Shukaku: 1,000Hp / 500At / 200Sp

Matatabi: 3,000Hp / 1,500At / 1,000Sp

Isobu: 6,000Hp / 3,000At / 500Sp

Son Gokuu: 10,000Hp / 5,000At / 2,500Sp

Kokuo: 15,000Hp / 7,500At / 7,000Sp

Saiken: 21,000Hp / 10,500At / 1,000Sp

Chomei: 28,000Hp / 14,000At / 12,000Sp

Gyuki: 36,000Hp / 18,000At / 20,000Sp

Kurama (Yin or Yang): 45,000Hp / 22,500At / 45,000Sp

Kurama (Full): 100,000Hp / 50,000At / 100,000Sp

The max stats you can have are 2X the requirement for your next rank, no acceptions

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