Note the following: There are only 10 Jinchuriki, no acceptions, no custom Bijuu are allowed. Jinchuriki are limited by their Bijuu, Bijuu are limited by their Jinchuriki. Jinchuriki are enemies of the world and are free game for everyone. Modes cannot be used with Bijuu, Bijuu are separate beings and do not have the capacity to use Modes or Dojutsu, Bijuu are only capable of Chakra Modes.

Stage 1: Battle Ready: free, can be used at any rank, doubles strength and Speed, Move Limit is 20X hp

Stage 2: Initial Boost: Must be a Gennin, 4X all stats, Move Limit is 5X Hp

Stage 3: Cloak Variant: Must be Chuunin, multiplier depends on the Bijuu (5X/10X/15X/20X/25X/30X/35X/40X/45X), Move Limit is 2X hp

Stage 3.5: Multi-tailed cloaks, amount of tails is limited to how many tails your bijuu has -1, each extra tail is +10% of the 1 tailed cloak's multiplier, Move limit does not change

Stage 4: Hybrid Variant: Must be Jounin, multipliers are 10X your 1 tailed Cloak and do not change, Move limit is equal to your hp

Stage 5: Bijuu Mode: Must be Jounin and have used the Hybrid Mode in battle 10 times, Multiplier varies between Bijuu (100X/300X/600X/1000X/1500X/2100X/2800X/3600X/4500X), Move limit is 1/4 hp

Stage 6: Bijuu Chakra Mode: must have battled your Bijuu atleast once and defeated it at full power, must also have used Bijuu Mode atleast 20 times in battle, Multiplier is 4X your Bijuu Mode's health, Move limit is 1000 no acceptions (Unless you are trained by me, in which case that level rises to 4000), Strength and Speed are 8X your Bijuu Mode

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