1: As a Jinchuriki you need to train in order to use more of your Bijuu's power, no Jinchuriki are able to bring out their Initial Boosts right away

2: Jinchuriki are much stronger than most players, but abusing this power is punishable by either an unsealing or a full reset, don't go around killing everyone

3: Jinchuriki are not able to teach anyone their own techniques, as a result of their Bijuu's influence on their chakra use

4: Jinchuriki have no move limits and thus are able to fight with reckless abandon without fear of tiring out and getting combo'd, but you cannot use this as a reason to beat EVERYONE, there are people strong enough to kill Bijuu, take defeat or you shouldn't have your power

5: Jinchuriki are given set requirements for their stages, ignoring these requirements or trying to plea and get your stages faster will result in strikes or unsealings

6: Stages take a toll on your body and net energy, when you're in a stage, your Move Limits are lowered by a set amount, this is to keep Bijuu from being too OP.

7: When you release your full Bijuu, you are required to act as they do in the Canon, you can't implant yourself into them unless you're using the Chakra Mode.

8: Awakened States will not be used, so don't bother making a custom form for that...

9: As a Jinchuriki you are unable to become a Kage or leader of any bloodline, your Bijuu makes you an outcast

10: You can like having a Bijuu, but you also have to accept the facts that Jinchurikis are considered rogues and can be targeted by their own village, be careful and don't run around like a jackass letting everyone know you're a Jinchuriki

11: If you are caught and defeated by am Atatsuki, and no one saves you, you HAVE to accept that your Bijuu is gone, you're also immobile for the next minute

12: You can get your Bijuu back, but it requires you to fight your Bijuu, depending on how much power the Bijuu uses when it's defeated you'll be rewarded a certain level of your control back as well (1% None, 10%+ Cloak and one jutsu, 50%+ Hybrid and all jutsu, 100% Everything you had)

13: If you lose your Bijuu, all of the custom jutsus that you designed go with it.

14: When you get a Bijuu, you are advised not to fight for the rest of the day, and stay online for atleast 10 minutes after having it sealed within you, when given a Bijuu, your stats drop by 90% and logging out before the ten minutes is up will cause you to "Die" or fall unconscious releasing the Bijuu

15: It's impossible to seal all of Kurama's Chakra, you have to share the two halves with someone, and both of you are considered the same being, when two people have had Kurama sealed within them, they will be unable to kill eachother regardless of strength or control

Bijuu can be sealed using any sealing technique, including the Reaper Death Seal that only Kages can use. however your sealing technique needs to have a force atleast equal to 10% of their full power (in bijuu form, even for Jinchurikis)

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