1: Academy Students all START with the same stats, no acceptions

2: No Academy Students are allowed to start with Jutsus

3: No Academy Students are allowed to have a Sensei aside from their class teacher

4: Only Kages can choose Jounin and Higher Ranks (Anbu, Anbu Leader, Jounin Sensei)

5: Jinchuriki are privileged, any breaking of their own rules will result in a possible un-sealing

6: Only Jounin Sensei can teach others their jutsus, but Jounin can develop Jutsus of their own

7: The custom jutsu limit is 5 (This includes jutsus taught to you by a Jounin Sensei that are not from the main list)

8: No players are to try and force anything onto another (Bijuu spirits, Jutsu, Ranks, etc.)

9: Kages are chosen by me alone (Tsumi)

10: Bloodlines are started by Jounin Senseis+ ONLY

11: Noone can start with a bloodline, you have to earn that

12: You must be atleast a Gennin in order to take a bloodline exam, but it's not certain you'll pass

13: You must be atleast a Chuunin in order to unleash your bloodline's power (Sharingan, Sage Mode, Kekkei Genkais)

14: You are expected to be civil in this game, if you are seen cursing you are given the right to do so, but if someone complains about curses being directed towards them you'll be given a strike

15: ATTEND CLASSES AND TRAINING SESSIONS, you may be able to train alone but it doesn't give you nearly as much experience as Senseis, please make sure you take as many classes as possible, you'll be much more well equipped for future events

16: Never ask to be a Dev, I decide if I want you on the team or not, asking will result in a strike if you're not careful



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